The Vapor Liquid Equilibrium Database

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the objective of wikivle
A: wikiVLE is intended to be a free comprehensive database for VLE data. Obviously, for this to happen, the site has to become wiki.

Q: How can I help?
A: Considering the size of this project you can help in so many ways.

If you have time and willing to perform either of the above tasks, please let us know.

Q: When will the site become WIKI
A: As soon as we realize that the project is viable, has enough interest and the donations are sufficient to cover the costs. WE ARE NOT asking for donations at this time.

Q: Since the site is not yet wiki, how do I contribute to the content?
A: There are several ways to contribute content, all will be appreciated. We currently have about 700 references, all need to be typed. We'll be happy to send you referecnes and a template HTML file for you to fill out. Please double check the data then email us back the HTML file. You may include your name as the contributer in the HTML file if you wish.

Alternatively, if it is easier for you, you can enter the data in an excel spreadsheet and email it to us. Also indicate if you wish to be cited as the contributor.

All data must be taken from the original source and entered in the units that were chosen by the author of the article. This will make it easier to double check.

IMPORTANT: All data must come from the original publication.  NO DATA IS TO BE TAKEN from books such as DECHEMA Chemistry Data Series or other sources be it online or printed.

Q: Do you want the data typed in a specific way?
A: Yes, yes and yes. The following is a guideline for contrinuting data:

  1. It is unlikely that anyone will take data from this site and use it for serious work without double chekcing it. Therefore, we have to walk a fine line between standarding the tables while keeping the data easy to check.
  2. Tempertures, pressures, densities should be entered in the units used by the author of the paper.
  3. While some authors publish the composition as mole percents, these values should be converted to mole fraction. Tip: perform the conversion AFTER you soule check the data.
  4. VLE data points with a liquid mole fraction, but without a vapor mole fraction (or vice versa) are valid data points and should be included in the table.
  5. Pure component data points are an INTEGRAL PART of a VLE data set and should be included as well.
  6. Include the full citation: Author, journal, volume, issue no, year and page. If we are unable to verify a reference, we will probably delete it. It will be great if you can email us a PDF of the reference
  7. Just to re-iterate: All data must come from the original publication. NO DATA IS TO BE TAKEN from books such as DECHEMA Chemistry Data Series or any other source be it online or printed.